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Increase in number of light rail accidents during 2012

The Metro Blue Line running from Los Angeles to Long Beach has seen an unusually high number of fatal accidents since the beginning of the year. It has been reported that there have been 20 accidents occurring along this light-rail line, and this appears to have been an unusual uptick in the number of such accidents from prior years.

A task force has recently been created to look into why this has been occurring. This task force would analyze current safety procedures, the posting of safety signs and warnings, look into traffic patterns, and discuss possible solutions.

We want all individuals to be aware of their surroundings, but warnings and barricades need to be provided by the train provider to prevent accidents from ever occurring. Crossings also need to be clearly marked to prevent any car from going across the tracks when a train is approaching.

It is obvious that the injuries involved in this type of situation when a car or pedestrian is struck by a train can be severe or deadly. Unfortunately, when speaking of light-rail accidents, the potential for severe to fatal injuries is greatly increased. Six of the 20 accidents reported have resulted in fatalities. (However, it is believed that a few of these accidents were suicides.)

Whatever the reported cause of such train or light-rail accidents, all such matters will require independent investigation. Because of the suddenness of such accidents and the seriousness of the consequences when such an accident does occur, the individual or family member will likely require legal assistance to be at least somewhat reimbursed for what has occurred. Also, without the presence of lawsuits to hold transportation vendors' liable for injuries, improved safety features and more adequate warnings concerning dangers may never be provided.

Source: Blog Downtown, "Metro sees 'uptick' in Blue Line fatalities this year, says official," by Hayley Fox, July 27, 2012

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