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Driver in hit-and-run crash left the scene to get a pair of shoes

It's always difficult to know what goes through the mind of individuals that flee the scene of a crash after an accident. However, following a California hit-and-run accident that took the life of a 22-year old motorcycle rider, the individual that left the scene has since tried to explain why he took off.

The driver that killed the rider in the motorcycle accident stated that he left the scene of the accident to return home to get a pair of shoes. Though he claims that he intended on returning to the accident scene, police caught up with him and arrested him at his home.

"I got scared so I left, so I parked my car at my house," the suspect was quoted as saying. "I got no shoes on so I was going to put my shoes on and come back."

The suspect had consumed a beer (though it was claimed he was under the legal limit), and he was driving with a suspended driver's license - the license being suspended since 2008 due to a DUI conviction. Considering the suspect's background, it's difficult to believe that he could provide anything that would even begin to compensate family members for their loss. Since his license was suspended, probably he was also an uninsured driver.

Still, few would disagree that family members do deserve compensation for what has happened. Every accident is singular and has its own set of challenges to overcome before victims can somewhat recover their losses. Attorneys experienced in this area of law can at least point family members in the right direction when it comes to dealing with such a loss and locate alternative sources of compensation.

Source: KGET 17, "Hit and run suspect talks about why he left the scene of fatal crash," August 1, 2012

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