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Courtside to courtroom: Los Angeles Lakers player sued for car accident

The name Matt Barnes should ring a bell with Los Angeles basketball fans. The Los Angeles Lakers guard is making headlines for happenings not on the basketball court, but rather in the courtroom.

Last March, the NBA player negligently rear-ended another car transporting a family on a Los Angeles freeway. While the circumstances leading up to the car accident remain unclear, one thing is clear, all four passengers sustained injuries in this collision. Additionally, three of the four passengers were minors.

In a separate incident, the basketball player was also arrested earlier this month for driving with a suspended license and resisting arrest. Based upon the circumstances, it would appear that this player may not possess much regard for the rules of the road.

However, professional athletes are by no means above the law, this Los Angeles Lakers player is proof of this. The victimized family is taking legal action and suing the basketball player in an effort to recoup for the expensive property damage, and medical treatment each of the four victims required in the aftermath of the car accident. The family is seeking a minimum of $26,000 as compensation for the ordeal.

This family deserves compensation. Car accidents can be overwhelming and often victims feel unsure of where to turn for help or advice. This is true when there is one victim, much less an entire family.

If an individual in the Long Beach or Los Angeles area finds themselves the victim of another driver's negligence, that victim should know that there are options available to seek justice.

Source: Sports Illustrated, "Matt Barnes sued for $25 over car accident," Aug. 9, 2012

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