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Boy attacked by pit bull in city park

With all of the news we hear about pit bull attacks, it is remarkable that owners continue to allow such animals to roam free without being properly restrained. It is because of such a circumstance that the city of Santa Monica has now agreed to pay a boy's family $325,000 after the boy was attacked by a pit bull in a city park.

The dog apparently was able to get through a defective gate at the park in question and then attacked the 7-year old boy. The boy appears to have suffered neck, back and shoulder pain as a result of the dog attack, and is also now suffering from brain damage.

The family sued both the city and the owner of the dog for what occurred. The city council for Santa Monica has since approved the settlement in the amount of $325,000, but the settlement still requires the approval of the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Criminal penalties and fines have often proved not to be a successful deterrent to individuals that allow such dangerous animals to roam free, or that are careless in restraining such pit bulls. Unfortunately, fines and other penalties will do little to help anyone that is actually attacked since the injuries caused by dogs (and especially pit bulls) can be devastating.

People injured in a dog attack may wish to seek the advice and counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney. Such attorneys can hold dog owners responsible for such dog attacks. However, municipalities can also be held liable when such communities fail to provide a safe environment for people to walk and children to play in.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Santa Monica to pay $325,000 to family of boy mauled by pit bull," July 26, 2012

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