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Alcohol believed to be factor in fatal car crash

Two individuals aged 21 and 23 were killed on the connector road linking the westward bound San Bernardino 10 Freeway and the southbound Long Beach 710 Freeway. The accident was described as alcohol related, and the victims were passengers in the vehicle when it crashed.

The driver was described by police as displaying signs of intoxication, and it has also been suggested that this individual may have been speeding at the time of the car accident. Also, another passenger in the vehicle suffered moderate injuries in the accident.

Though fatal car accidents involving alcohol consumption are far too common, such incidents need to be thoroughly investigated by attorneys representing injured parties. There may be other parties responsible besides the driver of the vehicle, and determining just how such an accident occurred can often require a great deal of research and analysis.

Frequently, drivers involved in such accidents have been over served by bars or restaurants prior to the accident occurring. Such establishments can be held liable under California law should it be shown that the individual was obviously drinking to excess in the establishment, and the establishment did nothing to prevent the alcohol consumption from occurring.

More importantly, injured parties do need to understand their options so that they can recover compensation from the responsible parties. Injured passengers and family members will confront a number of obstacles following such an accident including physical injuries, emotional turmoil and financial setbacks. Few individuals can afford the medical expenses and wage loss that so often come about because of injuries suffered in car crashes.

Source: EGP News, "Freeway Crash Kills 2," August 2, 2012

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