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August 2012 Archives

Two noteworthy California bicycle incidents

There have been a couple of incidents in California regarding bicycle riders that are worth noting. In one instance, a 34-year old woman was killed when a truck driver crashed into her bicycle. In another instance, a visibly upset driver chased a bicyclist onto a golf course with his car.

Alcohol believed to be factor in fatal car crash

Two individuals aged 21 and 23 were killed on the connector road linking the westward bound San Bernardino 10 Freeway and the southbound Long Beach 710 Freeway. The accident was described as alcohol related, and the victims were passengers in the vehicle when it crashed.

Increase in number of light rail accidents during 2012

The Metro Blue Line running from Los Angeles to Long Beach has seen an unusually high number of fatal accidents since the beginning of the year. It has been reported that there have been 20 accidents occurring along this light-rail line, and this appears to have been an unusual uptick in the number of such accidents from prior years.

Driver in hit-and-run crash left the scene to get a pair of shoes

It's always difficult to know what goes through the mind of individuals that flee the scene of a crash after an accident. However, following a California hit-and-run accident that took the life of a 22-year old motorcycle rider, the individual that left the scene has since tried to explain why he took off.

Two dogs escaping from same property attack 4 people

Not one, but two dogs belonging to the same owner escaped and were left roaming the streets of Los Angeles. According to Los Angeles County Animal Control, the two dogs then proceeded to bite four different people.

Courtside to courtroom: Los Angeles Lakers player sued for car accident

The name Matt Barnes should ring a bell with Los Angeles basketball fans. The Los Angeles Lakers guard is making headlines for happenings not on the basketball court, but rather in the courtroom.

Widow and 2 children seek closure in father's wrongful death

There are few sensations that can remind of us our childhood as well as the act of flying downhill on a bike, with the warm California air whipping past. Out for a ride last fall with 14 other members of a biking club, one California rider had not only this moment of youthfulness, but rather his life, abruptly ended.

Off-duty Los Angeles police officer injured in motorcycle accident

Several cars in Los Angeles and across the country bear the yellow bumper sticker that demands drivers to, "Start seeing motorcyclists." The push for awareness is for good reason. Negligent drivers are often inattentive as they carelessly change lanes. This can result in devastating consequences, particularly for motorcyclists.

Did a doctor over medicate his patient to fund his project?

We want to trust our doctors. We want to believe that when we turn to them in delicate situations, they will be there to help us, always acting on our best interest first. When one Los Angeles woman slipped away in her sleep at the age of 59, her autopsy raised several uncomfortable questions.

Boy attacked by pit bull in city park

With all of the news we hear about pit bull attacks, it is remarkable that owners continue to allow such animals to roam free without being properly restrained. It is because of such a circumstance that the city of Santa Monica has now agreed to pay a boy's family $325,000 after the boy was attacked by a pit bull in a city park.

Los Angeles area hit-and-run takes life of bicycle rider

A cyclist was killed in the Los Angeles area recently following a hit-and-run accident. The bicycle accident came about when the bicycle the woman was riding was struck by a pickup truck in the Santa Monica area. Witnesses stated that the pickup truck continued driving after striking the rider, and that the pickup truck was last seen driving onto the Highway 10 Freeway.