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Pedestrian killed in intersection at Leisure World

An alleged drunken driver is facing arraignment for striking and killing a pedestrian walking through the Leisure World Complex in Seal Beach. The pedestrian accident occurred at 5:40 p.m., and the driver struck the individual as he was walking across an intersection.

The driver is now facing felony charges of manslaughter and causing a death through negligence while intoxicated. Purportedly, the driver failed to stop at an intersection marked by three stop signs, and she apparently did not even slow down as the individual she struck was thrown from his scooter. Close to one hour after the crash, the driver's blood alcohol level was listed as being .22.

The driver that was purportedly drunk faces ten years in prison. However, any criminal sentence imposed will do little to help the victims of this accident.

The woman injured in this accident has suffered a great loss and deserves to be compensated by all responsible parties in a civil action. Whether she's compensated by the driver or by the establishment where the driver was drinking would be a question for her, her attorney and for the courts to decide.

In any case, personal attorneys that represent clients injured in such a manner can at least provide family members with advice and counsel concerning legal options that they may have. Such attorneys have the resources to investigate such matters, and can often also make a determination as to precisely how an accident occurred.

Finally, and most importantly, such attorneys can provide individual representation in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, and these same attorneys can work towards having the needs of the family met.

Source: Orange County Breeze, "Seal Beach woman to be arraigned for drunken crash that killed pedestrian inside Leisure World," July 19, 2012

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